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Does Your Student Want to Participate in Collegiate Sports?

Participating in school sports can have many benefits. Students learn discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship just to name a few, and maintaining fitness is important for anyone.

As students investigate colleges, they should know that there are many options and various levels of sports participation. Many schools offer intramural, club or varsity sports depending on the skill level and interest of a student.

If your high school student is planning on playing sports at a Division I, II, or III level, chances are you have already begun the process of investigating their options. Familiarize yourself with the many rules dictating athletic recruitment. One thing to keep in mind for DI, II, or III athletes is that the student should be prepared for early admissions, which is typically an early November application deadline. Make sure the student has met all academic eligibility standards and that they have SAT and ACT scores they are happy with by October of senior year. For good or for bad the reality is that athletes at this level should really begin the process of investigation before the start of their junior year and possibly even early sophomore year depending on their situation. Make sure you allow enough time for college visits, invitations to coaches to see them play, sending videos, participation in sports camps and perhaps even watching games at the schools they are interested in! Observing the skill level of the athletes, how the coaches interact with their athletes and how the athletes interact with each other at each school can help determine if the team and school are a good fit. Finally, if you have waited until second semester junior year or early senior year to start your applications, it does not necessarily rule out any possibility of playing sports at these levels but it can change the dynamics of this process and limit options.


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