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Don't Panic About College Application Season

As the students prepare for the long haul of at home, online learning we as parents are struggling for this hopefully temporary new normal. Just like everyone, the colleges and universities have to adapt. Many schools have announced new deposit deadlines, extending the May 1st deadline to June 1. There has been an athletic recruiting freeze as well. People are wondering what to do about SAT/ACT tests. Many parents will have to adjust their FASFA as their income has changed. Obviously, accepted students days have gone to virtual. Parents, your high school juniors will still be applying to colleges next year and you will still need to keep them on track. First and foremost, don't panic! Everyone is adjusting and everyone will have to be flexible. The colleges and universities know this and are making the adjustments. Your high schools are doing the same. There are so many online resources to help students during this time. Since they are already online and hopefully staying at home, use this time productively. SAT/ACT test prep, college tours, and services such as mine all can be done online.

I have always worked with some students virtually, as I have out of state clients as well as local. If your student needs help with the college application process, and you as a parent also need support in your new role of online teacher's aid and guidance councilor, I can help. Contact me by email, phone or my website. We can set up virtual meetings for your students via Facetime, Skype or Zoom. In the meantime stay healthy and safe, stay calm and reassuring to our students as we navigate these uncharted waters in uncertain times together.

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