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It's Time To Plan For Those College Tours

Juniors, typically this would be the time to begin planning those initial college visits, and this year is no different....except that... it is! During this time of Covid, most colleges are doing virtual college admission sessions. Check out the college websites for dates and times of their virtual tours. They may require you to register.

This is an opportunity for you to gather information, and live sessions are a way for you to connect with admission officers and ask questions. It also gives you the chance to demonstrate your interest in the college. Demonstrated interest can be advantageous for you when it comes time to review those applications. Once you have solidified your college list, you should still plan on visiting college campuses in person whenever possible. Check the college websites for the protocol for college visits. Every institution will have its own in place. Some colleges may have a closed campus, some colleges may be allowing self-guided tours in your vehicle, and some may have limited capacity events planned with socially distancing protocols in place. During the upcoming months, College Board will be hosting virtual college fairs that are free to all. Save the dates!! BigFuture Day South East: Tuesday, February 23, BigFuture Day Northeast: Sunday, March 7th, Big Future Day Midwest, Thursday, March 11. Register for the event online at and check out the information on the best way to navigate the sessions and workshops.


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