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An Unexpected Mother's Day Gift

Tired at the end of what was a very busy week-end, with my daughter's Junior

Prom on Saturday night and Mother's Day the following day. I am, as always, so happy and thankful to celebrate these milestones. I was touched with the flowers, cards, and text messages wishing me a happy Mother's Day from the people who couldn't be with me and to enjoy the company of those of us who were able to be together. I was really moved to receive texts from some of my daughters friends thanking me for being their "second" mom and I thought it couldn't be a better day...then as I climbed in to bed, I received a text from one of my "non-traditional" students. It had nothing to do with Mother's Day but was such a special gift to me and just topped off the weekend. It went like this: "Officially done for the semester! Took my last final exam in xxxxxxx- submitted my final project paper for xxxxxxx on capstone course...51 pages later. Maymester course starts this Wednesday....yikes! Not enough time to celebrate and sleep. I sound like a coed....just an old one!LOL! I can't thank you enough Renee, for all your support and being a catalyst for this wonderful experience! You helped me make a life long dream come true!"

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