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It's the New Year, Juniors Are You Ready?

September can seem more like the start of a New Year then January . It is the last days of summer, and you can feel the autumn air coming on. It is the season for sunflowers and mums, football and soccer games. The kids are back to school and settling into a new routine. College kids are all moved into their dorms. Often more resolutions are made now as we try to get our schedules in order, get back to a new exercise routine, clean out the flower beds in the yard and fill out our calendars. For those Juniors in high school it is an all important year. It is often noted as the most difficult year academically, as you take some of your hardest courses and prepare for the SAT and ACT tests. Junior year is also the ideal time to start your college visits. It may seem early to parents and students who want to savor these last couple years of high school putting off the thought of college, but you should begin building a college list of schools to visit and make a plan. Many students plan to visit colleges during the summer break or the holiday season, which can be a mistake. To really get the feel for a college campus culture, it is best to visit when students are in full session. It is important to feel the vibe. Is it something that excites you or turns you off? I recommend visiting only 2 to 3 colleges at a time. Too many scheduled visits can lead to information overload and the campuses will start to blur together. Of course fall of senior year there is time for school visits, but once school gets into full swing, those schedules only gets busier. Fit in some visits now and start narrowing your choices. Attend an open house, take a tour so you don't feel so much pressure fall of senior year. For help with college list building :

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