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Major of the Week: Data Analytics

Well it is September and back to school. My students are exploring their colleges and of course, college majors and I am back at my blogging. This week, I chose to explore Data Analytics as Major of the Week. I am hearing of more and more employers seeking people who can analyze large sets of data. This skill set is being used across disciplines throughout many industries. A rapidly growing field, Data Analytics is in need of practitioners, is trending now and is a way of the future. Organizations and businesses use large sets of data, advanced mathematics and analytical methods to investigate complex issues as well as identify and solve problems. By exploring data collected in various areas they try to identify and understand trends and the impact these trends have on their businesses. Typically you will see this major as a cross disciplined approach, mixing the study of mathematics, statistics, science and computer science as well as business. The fields of engineering, medicine, political science, business and education all are using data analytics. If you like math, problem solving, critical thinking, statistics and have strong communication skills this major might be right for you.

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