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Major of the Week: Landscape Architecture

Are you good at drawing and graphic expression yet prefer outdoor activities, trees and gardens, any out door space? Are you creative and have a high attention for details and great spacial thinking and analyzing skills? Do you have an interest in environmental concerns? If so, landscape architecture may be a field you would enjoy. Landscape architects explores contemporary issues related to the design, planning, and management of outdoor settings. In addition to studying about site planning and design, landscape architects study ecological systems. They work in a variety of settings including urban planning, community planning, as well as park and nature reserves. As a landscape architect, you might help with the design of an outdoor park or recreation area, a sports arena, a public garden or plaza, a city space, or apartment complex. The course work involves both computer aided drafting, design and art as well as the study of plants and ecology. There are four year programs were you receive a B.S.L.A, Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture, and some five year programs that award the B.L.A. Most states require you to be licensed and take a state exam as well as the Registration Exam or LARE. People in this field often work in private consulting firms, as city planners, or can be hired by federal agencies and park services.

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